Real-time monitoring and management for self-service machines

Making fiscalization easy. All the data you need in one place.


VendLOG device is a unique telemetry (IoT) device that collects data from the self-service machines and transmits it to the secure cloud over a cellular network. The device transmits data using the GPRS network and contains a SIM card, firmware, and connectors.


VendLOG dashboard is providing you real-time data that the VendLOG device collected from the machine(s). Respond to errors in real-time, receive information on sales, fiscalization status, export your reports.

Installation & Support

Our product is successfully tested on a large number of devices. Installation and training of your service technicians is also a part of our service and our support crew is ready to answer all your questions and solve your problems.

Vending machines / parking machines
Self-service carwash
Self-service laundry machines
Snack machines
Self-service vacuum cleaners
Self-service milk/egg machines

Let your self-service machines work for you

"Effective supply and demand monitoring can increase your sales by up to 15% and reduce failures by up to 30%."

What does VendLOG offer?

Increase the operating time of self-service machines, increase customer satisfaction and increase sales revenue.

Real-time data

VendLOG gives user the ability to monitor the state of self-service machines even when physically far from them. Thanks to telemetry machine insights are delivered to the dashboard for users to analyze them.

Machine alerts

Track the information obtained from your self-service machines to identify trends on problematic equipment on time. Receive various warnings about problems or problems with self-service machines that you did not know until you physically accessed the same.

Merchandising & Optimization

Review the recommendations related to each self-service appliance to ensure that products that are in high demand are delivered on time.

Contactless payments

Enable contactless payment to meet the needs of your customers and increase revenue. Simplify and speed up your day-to-day business by introducing a cashless payment method.

status report

All collected data in one place.

Detailed reports

Generate more than ten different reports within sales software, such as inventory, product sales, top 10 products, and others. Find the exact information you are looking for and make informed decisions to run your business more smoothly.

Cash collection

Take control of your cash flow and make data-driven decisions. All inputs and outputs are tracked with precision and a detailed cash report is sent.

System integration

We also provide seamless integration with 3rd party services or internal systems (CRM, ERP) via API.

User management

Create new users or delete previous ones. Easy user management with options to restrict or show certain data to a specific user.

vendlog dashboard

Devices connected




Reports downloaded


Fiscalized invoices


Installation & Support

Count on us! Our support team is always ready for all your questions and inquires. Contact us via email, phone, or contact down below.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access my self-service machine information?

The user interface is accessed by clicking on the login button and entering your username and password. If the data is entered correctly, the user will be able to enter the application.

Which protocols are you supporting?

  • MDB - MDB
  • MDB Sniffer
  • EXE - EXE
  • Parallel impulse
  • Serial impulse
  • ccTalk
  • VendLOG is also replacing the EXE kit for Necta and Bianchi parallel vending machines.

Do you provide additional support?

Email support is available 24/7. Phone lines are open during normal business hours.

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